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Shopping on a Budget (Petite friendly)

This is a subject close to my heart :P

I love shopping but I love a bargain even more. I have always had the knack of finding great deals and here I will share my top tips with you.

#1) Browse in-store but shop online.

I find that I can usually find what I am looking for cheaper online usually with a discount code. The reason I say to browse in store is because you need to try things on and see how they look and feel. Sometimes pics on websites can be deceiving especially if you’re petite.

#2) Discount codes

These are easily found in a google search and there are a number of free sites available such as: Voucher Cloud & Retail Me Not. This works almost always and you can get a percentage off or at the least, free shipping.

#3) Charity shops/Thrift stores

Some of my favorite items in my wardrobe have been pre-loved. Fascinatingly a lot of clothes in the charity shops are brand new with tags. I found a Topshop blazer that I had me eye on for a while brand new with tags in a charity shop in Chelsea. It was originally £55 and I bought it for £18! Tip: Shop in high end areas where you are more likely to find designer/more expensive items :)

#4) Selling & Swapping

More often than not I have been able to get new and next-to-new clothes for free! While studying at uni I bought lots of new clothes without using any money. Apps such as ’Vinted’ allow you to swap items with people and you just pay postage. You can also buy & sell things however swapping was most effective for me, it’s a great way to update your wardrobe and without adding clutter or spending too much.

#5) Upcycling

Taking up basic sewing is a great hack for petites and non-petites alike. Being short has taught me to hem my trousers, skirts and dresses. If you don’t know how to sew, it’s amazing what a pair of scissors can do. As trends come and go and reappear it’s easy to get more wear out of trend pieces by changing them and reusing them for another season AND it looks like a different item of clothing!

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