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Oatmeal knit

Thin knit calls for a cute bralette

The Inspo:

Probably one of my favourite looks ever. For a short frame showing a bit of collar bone and/or chest instantly lengthens your torso making you look and feel taller. As Patricia Bright says "if you haven't got cleavage, you always have clavicle!".

Adding a cute bralette underneath suits any shape or size and adds a little extra character and uniqueness to your outfit. Not to mention it looking sexy.Tuck the top in to a pair of high-waisted jeans and add a belt. This step is very important for me as I have a very short torso and I find that pulling things in at the waist really helps me look curvier and gives a nicer shape otherwise I find that baggier items end up drowning me.

Here are the dupes I found in order to create this outfit:

Below are the links I found:

Oatmeal Knit Jumper/Sweater: Forever 21 (US Site), $10.00 (Was $19.00) Eyelash Black Lace Bralette: Shein, £4.65 Petite Black High Rise Skinny Jeans: New Look,, £27.99

A whole outfit under £50!

Sometimes the dupes will be similar according to what is it stock and in season. This is as similar as I could find for this look. Take some pics and post them below. I would love to see how you recreated this look! Enjoy!

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