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Ultimate Leather Jacket

Updated: Nov 4, 2018

The jacket that never goes out of season!

The Inspo:

Now that Autumn is in full swing, I find that my go-to outfit is not complete without my trusty (faux) leather jacket. I have been wearing it season after season and year after year. For me, this jacket has yet to go out of season. My second favourite jacket is the suede version of this which I will talk about in another post.

if you are petite like me (I am 5"1...) then make sure to find a jacket that is slightly cropped in style that reaches to the top of the hips or sits on the waist. This will create the illusion of longer legs thus making you appear taller. Pair this with over-the-knee boots and you are guaranteed to add some extra height.

Here are the dupes I found in order to create this outfit:

Below are the links I found:

A whole outfit under £100!

Sometimes the dupes will be similar according to what is it stock and in season. This is as similar as I could find for this look. Take some pics and post them below. I would love to see how you recreated this look! Enjoy!

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